European Commission Moving Quickly on German Gambling Law Action

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This week, the European Gaming and Betting Association decided that there needed to be action taken against Germany. At issue was new German laws regarding online gambling. The association asked the European Union to look into the new laws.

Now, a day after they were formally brought into the situation, the EU has vowed that it will move quickly in deciding whether to increase legal action against Germany.

The concern of the EU is that Germany, much like other European countries, is trying to protect government run gambling operations from having to compete against private sector companies. Germany has just had a new law go into effect January 1st.

The new law bans online gambling from taking place in the country. Opposition to the new law claim that this protects the German government and their interests. The offline monopoly that the German government possesses would stay intact and unharmed if people could not gamble online.

The EU has already warned Germany about their laws on gambling. This latest law seems to have irked the Commission and they have vowed that they will decide what action, if any, to take in the next couple weeks